Why exhibit

All companies involved in the production and marketing of machines, products and services that can be used directly in the cultivation of vineyards can exhibit at Enovitis business. Starting from nurseries and plant accessories (poles, wires, anchors, ties etc.), tractors, equipment for soil tilling and management, plant protection, canopy management, pruning and the harvest, as well as crop protection products and fertilisers, equipment for data control and transmission, dedicated software, etc.

Enovitis business 2022 is backed by the renewed commitment of Unione Italiana Vini and features new participation tools and methods. 
First of all, an exhibition formula that will allow greater interpenetration with SIMEI, so as to improve the visibility of all exhibitors in the “wine-growing” area.
Secondly, a massive promotion campaign aimed at the main wine-growing areas in the world, thanks also to the support of ICE, and focused on the specific targets of interest indicated by exhibitors (importers, distributors, dealers and leading wineries). In order to optimise your time, specific IT tools will be put in place to plan b2b meetings with the international industry experts of your choice.
Last but not least, Unione Italiana Vini has made a significant investment to contain exhibition rates, as can be seen in the registration forms, especially for companies who are also devoted exhibitors of Enovitis in campo.