Innovation Challenge 2017

Innovation Challenge “Lucio Mastroberardino" 2017, founded by Unione Italiana Vini to offer official recognition to innovations presented at SIMEI and ENOVITIS, the call was open to all registered exhibitors of Enovitis in Campo 2017 having a system, a machine or or a product considered as "state-of-the-art" in the sector.

The assessments were expressed by a Technical-Scientific Committee composed of authoritative representatives belonging to the wine-making and vine-growing world, to the scientific community and to UIV-member wine-makers. 

There were two award categories.

 - The “Technological Innovation Award” is the special mention for the projects considered of particular note, for whose development an extensive scientific expertise is acknowledged together with filed experience and especially a contribution of ingenious minds, capable of breaking old patterns and creating synergies in know-how.

 - The “New Technology ENOVITIS 2017” is given to projects that imply process and product innovation, to such an extent that significant improvement may be expected in the wine-making process.




Isodiametric tractor with constant-variable transmission
Isodiametric tractor with an ACTIO™ articulated chassis and reversible drive, fitted with a constant-variable, electronically controlled transmission, (4 speed ratios with 3 acceleration modes for each range and 3 for each range in the Automotive version) and pressurised cab, (ROPS and FOPS homologated and Category 4-certified Air cab), offering the operator the highest level of protection from toxic inhalations. Its short wheelbase and its very narrow turning radius make this model particularly agile whilst moving between row crops. The constant-variable transmission, run by software and combined with a configuration of articulated tractor with reversible-driving system (Rev-Guide System™), makes up a new model concept in its category. The ultra-compact, "hybrid" and hydrostatic-mechanical transmission is run by the operating system ITAC (Intelligent Tractor AC), which manages, monitors and enables to set vehicle and operational parameters, allowing to customize the operation modes according to the type of terrain, the working conditions, the equipment used and the operator's driving style.

Air-conveyor system to be applied to sprayers
With only one single tank/air-conveyor group and by replacing different types of conveyors, the operator may easily adjust the spreading according to the type of crops to be treated. From the tractor cab, it is possible to adjust: air-flow intensity, air-flow closure on both sides and air suction, in order to avoid an increased output on the open side. By replacing only the final part, it is possible to adjust the machine to different crop and farming formats. The "targeted-air jet" conveyors prove that spray drift is reduced by 60%, thus increasing respect for the environment and decreasing treatment costs.


Self-propelled picking-mulching chipper loader for pruning waste in row crops, with dimensions that are compatible with almost all types of vine spacing – it works within a high-productivity site, made up of a picking-mulching chipper loader and of one of more trailers (or roll-off load boxes), located in strategic positions for the subsequent dispatch to the centres of energetic utilization of biomasses. It is characterised by 5 main functional elements: front pick-up system equipped with brush windrowers; floating pick-up with rotating teeth for collecting the pruning waste left in the windrow; feeder of chipper system composed of 4 rolls, contra-rotating in pairs; horizontal-axis drum chipper with 6 blades; pantograph collecting container of 3.89 m3 for unloading into trailers with sides up to 2.6 meter. Therefore, from a functional point of view, it offers the possibility to give the management of residual biomasses to specialised agro-mechanic enterprises; from an environmental and economic point of view, the high productivity and the high yearly utilization enable a concrete economic margin by the exploitation of the biomass recycling.

Polyversum is an organic agrochemical, anti-botrytis treatment, based on Pythium oligandrum. It contains durable oospores of Poligandrum (selected strain “M1”), a parasite micro-organism of over 20 types of pathogenic fungi of agrarian interest, among which Botrytis Cinerea. The scope of this new microbiological "active substance" is triple: direct micoparasitism (enzymatic decomposition of pathogens), resistance induction (activation of natural defences in a plant), stimulation of plant growth (production of stimulating phytohormones). With regard to vine, it gives an excellent effectiveness against botrytis and also adds an interesting activity on acid rot. Moreover, it can be used until the harvest day (pre-harvest interval: zero days). This formulated product can have a wide operation window in organic agriculture and can also be included (e.g. in the final phase) in the most modern strategies of integrated pest management with chemical fungicides, in line with a sustainable agriculture. Polyversum has been authorized since the 2017 campaign and it is distributed by Gowan Italia on an exclusive basis.


Leaf stripper Mod. 111 AA Wi-Fi, with self-diagnosis and remote control of operational parameters with Wi-Fi system.
It is the first leaf stripper in the world that offers a computerised control of all operational parameters (automatic movement towards the canopy surface and stripping intensity adjustment). This year, the leaf stripper Mod. 111 AA has been integrated with a Wi-Fi system connected with the company's network or with a smartphone, from which it is possible to view both the self-diagnosis system and the machine work screen. The computerised control of operational parameters has already been available since 2014 (EIMA Award), but previously, it could be viewed only by the tractor operator. An upgrade of the existing machines is possible by adding an electronic module to the standard machine, which can connect the control console with the WI-FI wiring. In the module there is also a GPS receiver which ensures the traceability of the work performed. The fully electronic device can be inserted and removed from the standard machine in few seconds. It meets the requirements of “Agriculture 4.0